Best Bean Bag Bed With Blanket And Pillow of 2018

Honestly speaking, we were shocked on how hard it is to find a bean bag bed with blanket and pillow. Such a great idea for a cozy evening at your home!

We sincerely hope, that in future many great brands will improve their bean bag chair game and will think towards adding such comfy and often needed accessories.

Meanwhile, we’ve found the best item on the market nowadays and a few backup options that can provide you with almost the same level of comfort.

Check our Buyer’s Guide for more recommendations and useful tips!

Top 4 Bean Bag Beds

My Neighbor Totoro Sleeping Bag Sofa Bed – Best For Kids!

photo of the <strong>My Neighbor Totoro Sleeping Bag Sofa Bed Our Top 1 product in this category is a giant bean bag bed with blanket and pillow made in the shape of famous cartoon hero Totoro. Beloved by kids and adults all over the world, Totoro offers his soft plush hugs to comfort you through the night.

This can be gorgeous addition to a kids bedroom or a spare sleeping place for the fun sleepovers.

This product is a designer mix of the bean bag and a sleeping bad. You get a soft mattress with a plush blanket sewn to it, creating a cozy pocket to keep you warm.
Frankly speaking, we don’t consider this item suitable for everyday use as a regular bed. But you can improve the situation by adding a real mattress to the construction.

You also can add more foam filling, if you want it to be more thick and puffy. The children proof zipper allows you to do so.

The arms, head and tail of the Totoro have a lot of stuffing in them and play the role of pillows.

Overall, this is a super cute sleeping bed for any occasion.

Please, notice, that though the size of the actual sleeping place is about average single bed, the rounded figure of Totoro takes a lot of space.

Find more information concerning price and other details on the product here.


  • Super cute design
  • Very soft material
  • Has a blanket and pillows
  • Has a zipper, so you can add filling


  • Not washable
  • Lacks stuffing

Comfy Sacks 6 ft Lounger Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair – Best Cozy Bean Bag Bed!

photo of the <strong>Comfy Sacks 6 ft Lounger Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair Some bean bag beds can make you feel super cozy even without pillow or blanket. We are talking now about the giant fluffy bean bag bed by Comfy Sacks which will make you feel, like you are laying in a piece of a cloud.

This fluffy madness comes in only 3 shades: black, brown and white. Though the same model comes in a wide range of colors but with ordinary fabric cover.

The Plush fur covers are washable and dryable. Just remember to read instructions carefully and wash it on the suggested mode for keeping it in the original state. Also, don’t forget to re-fluff it after the drying – it will quickly and effortlessly become extra soft again.

Thanks to the large size and prolonged shape, the bean bag bed can fit two adults or kids for a nap. Of course, for the sake of your back, we recommend not to use it for the regular everyday sleep.

Memory foam inside of the Lounger Bean Bag Chair is ultra soft and doesn’t shed, keeping the shape perfectly.

The foam comes pre-packed and vacuum-pressed, so you will have to give it some time to unfold. Be ready for a very thick and hard foam in the beginning. Commonly, with the right unpacking, the chair will get ready for usage in 2-3 days.

Many customers notice the hard chemical smell from the newly purchased chair. We recommend to give it a good airing before using.

Super soft and cute, this is a great option for a kids bedroom or a home movie theater.

Feel free to visit the Amazon page for more information.


  • Extra soft
  • Keeps form
  • Fine-quality memory foam filling


  • Hard chemical smell

Jaxx Cocoon 7 Foot Giant Sleeper Bean Bag Bed – Best For Your Living Room!

photo of the <strong>Jaxx Cocoon 7 Foot Giant Sleeper Bean Bag Bed If you have spacious living room and need some piece of furniture there to take in guests, but you don’t like boring common sofas, maybe, the giant bean bag sofa bed could be a cool and innovative solution for you.

This is a crazy giant bean bag sofa bed designed by the Jaxx. It has rounded shape with flattened top and bottom sides which makes it look neat and stylish.

The color range is not very impressive with only 6 possible color designs to choose from, but the fabrics itself is very plush and has reach and classy two-tone effect which makes it perfect even for minimalistic or classic design. All colors in the collection are very settle.

Despite the giant size and a sofa form, it has washable and dryable covers. Just remember to wash the covers in the cold water and dry on low heat mode. After it has been dried, you will have to re-fluff the covers to gain the plush effect again.

The bean bag sofa bed is big and thick, comfortable to lay on alone or for two people. The covers are durable and protected from breaking by the ripstop liner.

As for the filling, it is a huge pack of very dense polyurethane micro-cushions that are delivered in vacuum-pressed state.

We must say, that this is a luxurious piece of furniture and it costs a lot.

Moreover, notice please, that due to the insane size of the bean bag bed, it requires some assembly and time to unfold properly.

You can find more details on the product here, don’t hesitate to visit.


  • Washable covers
  • Huge size
  • Stylish
  • Great support
  • Keeps the form


  • Expensive
  • Requires assembly

CordaRoy’s – Navy Corduroy Convertible Bean Bag Chair – Best For Small Apartments!

photo of the <strong>CordaRoy's If you have a very limited space in your room but dream about a spare giant bed for the sleepovers, you might consider purchasing the bean bag bed in king size. And we are speaking not just about a regular giant bean bag, no. We have in mind something really special – a whole king size bed that can be hidden inside of the rather compact bean bag chair!

CordaRoy’s company presents the Convertible Bean Bag chair that can turn into the full sized bed once unfolded. This allows you to have a lot of spare space in your room and keep it neat and clean.

This is a two piece set which contains a washable cover and an inside bed that can fit two adults. In folded chair shape, the bean bag chair is suitable for one adult to sit on and is pretty compact.

The bed itself is filled with the shredded foam, similar to the foam commonly placed inside of the sofa cushions. It is very soft and comfortable to lie on. The bed has personal cover made from polyester and cotton with children safe zippers. It feels nice to the skin, but, of course, you can use additional bed sheets and blankets.

The color range is not very impressive – you can choose from only 5 different colors, but it still gives you a pretty decent color range.

You can easily clean the bean bag chair cover in the washing machine using the regular mode. The bed cover is not washable.

Of course, we don’t consider this chair as an everyday bed as it can be bulky and cause the sore back if you will try to use it regularly. But it can be great for sleepovers or late guests.

We recommend shaking and re-fluffing it accurately before using as a bed.

Remember, that it comes vacuum-pressed and you will need some time for it to get into the needed shape, So, if you are waiting for the guests to arrive, purchase it beforehand.

For more detailed information, click here.


  • Converts into a full size bed
  • Washable cover
  • Doesn’t shrink


  • Little color range
  • Can be bulky

Buyer’s Guide: How To Get Maximum Comfort From The Bean Bag Bed?

Without having much to choose from when it comes to the bean bag beds with blanket and pillows, we’ve tried to find the closest options to replace or, at least, provide the same level of comfort as the searched piece of furniture.

First of all, let’s talk about the bean bag chairs/beds in general and what to pay attention to when you are picking one of them.

Bean bag chairs took a big step from bulky brightly colored bags with leather covers. Now they can provide extra level of comfort and offer hundreds of color and fabric design options. We’ve outlined few significant features any high-quality bean bag chair must have.


This is a highly important feature, as anyone would want the piece of furniture to serve for a long time and still be looking good. Manufacturers can provide the bean bag beds or giant chairs with extra level of durability due to bigger weight it must handle. It results in thick and strong fabrics, double stitches, durable zippers and often prolonged shape to even the pressure on top of the bean bag chair.

Form keeping

The bean bag bed can have different types of stuffing, including various kinds of foam, micro-cushions etc. Often, the bean bag beds come pre-packed and vacuum-pressed for more comfortable transportation process. When being unpacked, the chair/bed will need some time to get the needed form. Of course, as long as it is new, it will look cool and inviting. But what will happen after you will sit on top of it or use it for a long time? Bad-quality bean bag chairs will shrink and lose their form completely, becoming thin and plain. This is why you need to be sure in the quality of chair/bed filling, if you want it to stay thick and comfy for a long time.

Washable covers

This is always a giant plus, as it gives you an opportunity to keep the chair clean and neat. Another benefit from changeable covers, is that it allows adding more stuffing inside, if needed.

Concerning the blanket and pillows, we think it is a great idea for a cozy living room or bedroom, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find many options to share with you.

Luckily, you can always purchase this items separately and create your own perfect resting space.

If you seek for something extra cozy and soft, consider purchasing something made from plush fabrics or plush fur.


We sincerely hope, that our article will help you to find the perfect piece of furniture for your cozy nights with family, friends or alone. The giant Bean Bag Beds with pillow and blanket can be the perfect solution for sleepover parties or unexpected guests. Or you could use it as a living room sofa or for the home movie theater. So many options with just one cool item!

Enjoy your comfy time in the perfect bean bag bed!