Best Chill Bag Bean Bags in 2018

What can be best for chilling than an extra comfortable bean bag chair? They are soft, big and cozy. Moreover, such chairs look great in almost any modern design!

The only question here is only: how to choose one?

Check out our Top 5 Chill Bag Bean Bags and read our Guide to learn more about the bean bags.

Top 5 Chill Bag Bean Bags

Fugu 8-Foot Bean Bag Chair – Best Chill Bag Bean Bag To Replace A Couch!

photo of the <strong>Fugu 8-Foot Bean Bag Chair If you have a nice spacious new apartment and a modern taste in design, you should consider using the bean bag chair as a piece of everyday furniture. These days, bean bags become even more popular thanks to crazy variety of color and fabrics design and different stuffing for better comfort.

Fugu brand came out with a truly gigantic bean bag chair for chill which can easily replace a common sofa or couch in the living room of your house.

One if the nicest things about the chill bag bean bags is that you can easily adjust it the way you like it: make it flat on top just to hop on easily or create a sofa-like form to get a better back support and sit comfortably.

The Fugu 8-feet chair is fully stuffed with the pillow grade foam, so you will, literally, sink in its softness.

For greater durability and unlimited weight capacity, the chair has two layers of covers. The external one is made from very soft microfiber fabrics and can be removed if it needs washing.

If, for any reason, you feel like you need to stuff it with more foam, just contact the manufacturer to receive the additional box of foam for free.

This chill bean bag chair is HUGE. It can, definitely, fit two adults resting on it as on a double-sized bed, let along in a sitting position.

As it is massive, keep in mind that it weight a lot. So, you won’t be able to move it freely or re-fluff it effortlessly.

Fugu brand offers a great range of colors for this model.

If you want to check them out, click here.


  • Durable
  • Soft foam that can be added if needed
  • Very spacious


  • Very heavy

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 5′ Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag – Best For The Classy Design!

photo of the <strong>Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 5' Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag If you are looking something fancy but modern and extra comfortable, you should definitely consider purchasing a bean bag chair in deep or pastel tones with simple and elegant design.

Bean Bag Chairs from the Chill Sack have the perfect neet design for the classy and modern design. Perfectly rounded on the sides and slightly flattened on the top part, such chair will look stylish and be comfortable to chill.

The 5-feet size is a very versatile one as it is big enough to fit couple of adults or kids and not to heavy to handle it with ease. It can even be dragged through the doorways to another room which is definitely hard ro do with bigger chill bag bean bags.

The insides of this fancy chair are filled with the shredded memory foam which is extremely soft and pleasant to rest on.

As for the cover, it is made from soft microsuede fabrics and can be removed for cleaning in the washing machine. Remember to follow the instruction and wash it on gentle cycle.

The cover is also stain and discoloration resistant.

It is not stuffed as fully as, e.g., Crazy Sack bean bag chairs, but you can always contact the manufacturer for additional portion of foam.

For more information, click here.


  • Stylish
  • Wide range of colors
  • Extra soft
  • Stain and discoloration resistant


  • Chemical smell
  • Sometimes lacks filling

Lumaland Luxury 5-Foot Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover – Best For Teenager Bedroom!

photo of the <strong>Lumaland Luxury 5-Foot Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover For families with kids of any age, the cool bean bag chair can become a great addition to the child’s bedroom. If you have more than one kid or a grown up teenager, you might need a bigger chill bean bag for them to fit in.

Five feet bean bag chairs can be a perfect solution between small bean bags for one person and giant bean bag sofas.

Lumaland Luxury 5-foot bean bag chair is made from the best quality materials to provide ultra comfort and durability.

The chair has 2 covers: washable microsuede outer cover and the beige polyester inner cover. So, even if the outer cover is in the washing machine at the time, you still can hop on the chair and get some rest.

These soft and solid chairs are designed for everyday use and are strong enough to handle the claws of domestic pets.

It is filled with shredded foam that comes pre-packed and vacuum-sealed. You’ll have to wait at least 48 hours for it to expand fully.

This chair is very large, very filled and heavy. You can, probably, use it as a spare bed. It won’t shrink and will provide your back with great support.

Some people think that the chair is even over-filled with the foam, which makes it a bit hard. But the inner cover gives you an opportunity to gets some amount from it and adjust the chair size to your liking.

Click here for more information.


  • Double stitches and double cover
  • Durable
  • Keeps form great


  • Over-filled with foam

ECR4Kids Dew Drop Bean Bag Chair – Best For Kids!

photo of the <strong>ECR4Kids Dew Drop Bean Bag Chair For our smallest ones, it may be a bit inconvenient to get on the big and tall adult chill bean bags. Having nothing to grab on, it can be hard for toddlers. But what kid wouldn’t like a soft and colorful bean bag chair to have fun with?

ECR4Kids Dew Drop Bean Bag Chair designed specifically for small kids and will look great in the child's bedroom without taking too much space.

Great for playroom, daycare or classroom, this chair can be a stylish and useful piece of furniture anywhere, where kids are allowed. For more appealing design, the chair is presented in the wide range of fun and vivid colors.

This one doesn’t require any assembly and comes absolutely ready to use. Moreover, it can be easily moved to any other spot or room you want to.

The design here resembles drop or the sack and provides the chair-like back support when your kid hops on it.

The covers are made from thick vinyl which is extremely strong and durable. In addition, it is waterproof and can be cleaned with the warm water and liquid soap – exactly what we need when the case includes kids.

For such a small bean bag chair it is a bit overpriced.

You can look for more details here.


  • Extra strong vinyl covers
  • Doesn’t require assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Provides great back support


  • Pricy

Cozy Sack 8-Feet Bean Bag Chair – Best 8-feet Chill Bean Bag!

Cozy Sack is a world-wide known brand when it comes to bean bag chairs. These chairs have everything that a chill bean bag should have.

photo of the <strong>Cozy Sack 8-Feet Bean Bag Chair When we are talking about the 8-feet bean bags, in particular, we need it to be durable, at the first place, and fully packed for great support and extra comfort. You definitely don’t want such a giant sized chair to shrink under your weight.

The Cozy Sack 8-feet bean bag chair is, first of all, huge, and secondly, has almost no weight limit.

You get to choose one from the 18 possible color designs. All of the chairs have very soft suede covers that can be removed for machine washing.

The chair is extra stuffed with soft foam that will spring back at the moment you get up from the chair.

With the 8-feet length, the chair is truly massive. Prepare a lot of floor space as it won’t fit in small room or apartment. On the other hand, as soon it unfolds completely (which will, probably, take a couple days), you will never want to be separated from it.

As it is enormous, the weight here is huge as well. Be ready for a hard times if you’ll need to re-fluff it or move it around.

We see this chair as a sofa or bed replacement. Although, we won’t recommend to use it as an everyday bed for people older than 50 or for someone who has problems with back or limbs.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, feel free to visit the Amazon page.


  • Only best materials
  • The foam springs back
  • Spacious


  • Very Heavy
  • Chemical smell at first

Buyer’s Guide: Which Chill Bean Bag To Choose?

Chill bean bags is a perfect solution for modern design: cozy and easy to clean, they come in wide range of color and fabrics design. But even if you narrow down al the possible options to a specific one color scheme, there are still many things you must keep in mind while picking the bean bag.


Chill bean bags come in various shapes and sizes. Your choice here depends on how much space you can leave spare for the bean bag chair and what do you want to get from it. From the smallest bean bags for children, that take minimum space and look great in a playroom or daycare – to the gigantic 8-feet bean bag beds that can take half of your room but will easily replace sofa or even bed itself.


As with any long term purchase you need it to work good for you for a long period of time. In case of chill bean bags, durability can be provided mainly by high-quality materials and strong covers. The best option you could seek for on the market nowadays, is the chair with the outer double-stitched cover from thick and strong material and additional inner cover to keep the foam safely in place. Such construction is especially important if you are looking for a large or extra large bean bag chairs as they will have to cope with the large weight.

Shape keeping

The point of getting big and fluffy bean bag chair is for it to stay that way without shrinking and losing its form. Your bean bag will keep its shape only with one condition – great-quality stuffing. Previously, as you can judge from the name of the chair itself, these were staffed with beans. Of course, such chair wouldn’t lose shape but was a bit hard to sit on. Nowadays bean bag chairs can be filled with various stuffing, mostly with foam: memory foam, urethane foam, shredded foam, foam pillows etc.

Before buying the certain chair, be sure it is filled with non-shrinking re-fluffable foam. If you are shopping for a bean bag in the shop, try sitting on the chair and watch if it will spring back once you get up.

Washable covers

You can clean your regular chair or swipe the dust from the table, but how is it possible to clean a big bag of foam? The simple answer is – washable covers. You need to have those with your chair in terms to keep it clean and neat.

Commonly, covers on the bean bag chairs are made from microfiber or suede fabrics and can be cleaned in the washing machine in cold water or on the gentle cycle.

We can say, that stain or discoloration resistant fabrics can be a great plus.


We are sure, that keeping in mind main features mentioned above that show the quality of the chill bag bean bag will help you in finding the one that will provide you with maximum comfort and durability.

After checking all these important and key features, all you’ll have to do is to decide on the color of your chair and choose one from offered options.

We hope that you’ll get a great cozy time in your new chill bean bag chair!