Top Oversized Bean Bags in 2018

Saw a bean bag chair at a friends house and want one for yourself? Great choice for student dorms, children or adult bedrooms, living rooms are playrooms! It can fit any design and bring an extra level of comfort and fun.

In the case when you need an oversized bean bag chair, there are some specific features you need to be aware of before choosing the one and only chair for your house. Check out our Buyer’s Guide and personal rating of the best oversized bean bags nowadays on the market, as we hope it will help you to find the great chair that will meet all your expectations.

Top 4 Oversized Bean Bags

NameMachine WashableFabricsRatingPrice
Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair + Microsuede Fiber 4 ✩ $ Check Price
Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair + 100% polyester 4.5✩ $$ Check Price
Big Joe XXL Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair - Suede Fabric 4 ✩ $$ Check Price
Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon + Polyester 4.5✩ $$ Check Price

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair – Best For Your Living Room!

photo of the <strong>Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair Staying popular for quite a long time already, bean bag chairs add a fun and corky note to the design in your house. It looks cool in modern living room or child’s’ bedroom while offering the next level of comfort.

If you are looking for the best large bean bag chair to fit the room without consuming all free space, you should take a look at the Bean Bag by Chill Sack.

Coming in crazy amount of various colors, this 5-feet bean bag chair is filled with the shredded memory foam that will create great support for your back.

The chair has a rounded form, flat from both top and bottom sides. The design is pretty and comes in various colors from very bright to pastel and calm tones, for every taste.

What we like the most about the Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair is the ultra soft Microsuede Fiber stitched cover. If you need to wash it, it can be done easily as it is removable. Moreover, the fabric itself is stain-resistant and protected from discoloration.

Every stitch in the bean bag is doubled for additional strength and durability. The foam inside is placed in the sealed bag, so it won’t get everywhere in your apartment when you will open the zip.

This chair has absolutely no weight limits, so you can land on it to cuddle with your beloved one safely.

It has a some kind of chemical smell. You can try getting rid of it by placing the chair on your balcony or pre-wash the covers in the washing machine on the regular more.

For more information concerning price and other details, click here.


  • Washable stain-resistant covers
  • Memory foam
  • Double stitches
  • Big variety of colors


  • Chemical smell
  • Sometimes can lack foam

Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair – Best For Company!

photo of the <strong>Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair Talking about the best oversized Bean Bag chairs, we need to mention the 6-feet bean bag chair by the Cozy Sack. It is huge, comfy and spacious enough to fit a whole company!

The chair has solid cover which will handle almost any weight even if you will jump on it. In addition, the cover has a protective liner and the child safety zipper.

Available in 18 different color designs, Cozy Sack bean bag chair looks more like a sofa than a chair due to its giant size. It has more pulled cylinder-like shape, so you can lie on it like on the bad.

The foam inside the chair is the urethane foam. It will spring back once you get up and take the previous shape again. If, after few uses or after lying on it with your friends, you will see it has shrunk a bit, just give it a little shake and it will be as new.

By the way, you can always purchase extra cover or extra filling foam if you need.

The cover is machine-washable and protected from stains.

Of course, with the size like that, the chair is massive and pretty heavy, so you won’t be able to move it around easily.

If you need additional information on the product, feel free to visit the Amazon page.


  • Spacious
  • Thick and durable cover, handles cat claws
  • Keeps the shape if you “fluff” it from time to time


  • Heavy
  • Takes a lot of space

Big Joe XXL Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair – Best Nature-friendly Chair!

photo of the <strong>Big Joe XXL Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair Coming to an even bigger chair, we offer you to check out one of the best extra large Bean Bag chair on the market. Designed by the Big Joe company, the XXL Fuf Foam chair has impressive 7-feet length and extra level of comfort.

The Big Joe company invented their own type of filling for this kind of chairs, which is called Fuf Foam. The Fuf Foam is a mix of a foam and a memory foam, which can be fluffed out again and again continuously.

The chair is Earth-friendly, as the foam filling is upcycled. Which is a very good thing, as there is a lot of foam inside the chair. XXL Fuf Foam Bean Bag Chair is massive and you need to be aware of that before purchasing the item.

Few more words about the foam: this unique mixture of shredded foam makes it long-lasting and form-keeping, so it can be returned to the previous state easily and quickly.

The covers are thick, durable and will certainly handle the small animal claws. So, if you have a pet at home, don’t be afraid to relax with it on the giant bean bag chair.

The size of the chair and the whole “re-fluff it” system can a play a hard trick as you will need a lot of strength to shake it every time before sitting on.

This is a very big bean bag chair, cool to have in the living room or at the student dorm to gather with friends or family.

If you order the Big Joe XXL Bean Bag Chair, remember, that it comes in the pressed state and it can take up to 7 days for it to unfold completely.


  • Upcycled materials
  • Unique foam filling
  • Comes in smaller packaging
  • Thick solid cover


  • Needs re-shake every time
  • Not machine-washable

Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon – Best For The Whole Family!

Best giant bean bag for the big family might be the one that can change its position from bad to chair effortlessly and fit in the whole family together.

photo of the <strong>Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon

The Jaxx 6-feet Cocoon is the multi-position bean bag chair which can lay down flat or been placed on the side to perform like a fluffy and comfy bag chair.

The cover on this chair will handle jumping, water spilling, claws sharpening and any other things that can happen in a happy family house. If you need to refresh the covers, all you’ll have to do is to take the covers off and wash them in the washing machine.

The chair comes with 2 packs of shredded foam that will expand in the chair.

We find it a bit inconvenient as you need to assemble the chair on your own once it’s delivered.

Moreover, after you unpack it, the chair needs at least one day to expand and get to the right size.

But in general, this is a great-quality bean bag chair, which can be adjusted to give your back a nice support and comfort.

You can find additional information concerning this product here.


  • Washable
  • Multi-positional
  • Good back support
  • Extra soft fabrics


  • Requires some assembly

Buyer’s Guide: How To Find The Perfect Oversized Bean Bag Chair?

Giant Bean Bag Chairs look cool almost in every modern designed room and give additional space for cozy resting alone or with your friends.

In case if you are looking for not just common bean bag chair, but for a giant oversized bean bag chair, you will find plenty of those on the market. So, how to know which one is the best and will meet all your demands and expectations? Frankly speaking, they all look quite similar and it can be hard to make a decision.

We’ve created a list of features to keep your eye on while choosing the oversized bean bag chair.

Shape and Color selection

First of all, consider the space you can allocate for the chair and what shape you want it to have. Commonly, the bean bag chairs come in the rounded shape of a bag or with flat sides on top and bottom. But with the giant bag chairs you can find square ones or long cylinder-like chairs that can fit 2 or 3 people at the same time.

As for the color choice, it depends solely on your personal taste. Of course, always a plus, when the company has a wide range of color designs.

Washable covers

We think, this feature is extremely important for such piece of furniture, as it is a common thing to spill or drop something on it. Especially, if the situation involves kids or pets. Thus, a really nice option is to get a bean bag chair with machine washable covers. Some brands offer covers with the stain clean only, so you need to keep in mind that and consider the amount of damage the chair can get in your life conditions.


Of course, such a chair won’t just lie quietly in the corner. It was designed to be jumped on and needs to be able to handle the weight of several people. The least thing we want it to tear or rip when we land on top of it. This way we advise you to look in the first place, for models with an extra thick fabrics and double-stitched covers.

Form keeping

The bean bag chairs can be filled with various types of filling. Nowadays, most commonly, you will find the chairs with different kinds of foam: shredded foam, mixed foam, memory foam, foam in various shapes etc.

If you buy the chair with not so fine-quality filling inside, it will eventually shrink and lose its form completely, becoming flat. We want to avoid it, obviously. Choose a chair the can be re-fluffed or has an extra quality foam filling to keep the shape and softness for a long time.

Ease of installment

It would seem that what can be easier to order a bean bag chair and put it in the place? Well, sometimes you will need to apply some efforts to get your chair together. Some shops deliver the bean bag chairs in the ready-to-use condition and you won’t have to move a finger to assemble it.

Sometimes, to keep the chair more compact during the delivery, it can be vacuum-presses. In this case you need to place it where you want it to be in your room and leave it for a few days until it gets the needed form.

The most inconvenient way of getting your chair is when it comes in separate parts: cover + bags of filling. With no doubt, this way it takes the smallest amount of space while transporting, but you will need to assemble it carefully by yourself.


Oversized Bean Bag Chairs look cool and feel extra comfortable. They can fit nicely almost any design thanks to great range of color and fabric designs you can find nowadays.

Be sure to check the durability of the cover and all the positive features you want your chair to have, before the purchase. And have lots of fun with your new bean bag chair!